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7 Reasons Branding Isn’t Only About The Logo


How To Start A Blog When You Have Absolutely No Audience

So you have this great business idea, your mom likes it, your friends like it, and hey, a subset of people you don’t know even like it. You’ve spread word about it through… Continue reading

7 Social Media Trends and What The Hell To Do With Them

Social media marketers are forever on the lookout for trends that will not just work the best for their brand, but also make them stand out amongst their competitors. Considering 42% adults online… Continue reading

The Beginner’s Guide to YouTube Advertising – #infographic

YouTube has over 1 billion unique users every month, reaching more US adults than any cable network. With those kinds of stats, are you ready to get your YouTube ad campaign streaming across… Continue reading

Social Event Management

Managing and marketing events has transformed as cloud platforms have seamlessly automated the often complex task of event management. There are now numerous solutions that you can use to help not only with… Continue reading

How To Create A Great Social Media Post – Infographic

Want to know the secret recipe of viral social media posts? Logikalcode has put together this infographic that offers five simple (yet effective) tips on what makes a great social media post. So… Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Hashtags

You see them everywhere around the web… From Twitter to Instagram, hashtags are an essential part of social media. So, why should you care about hashtags? Well, hashtags are a great way to… Continue reading

20 Creative Yet Funny Illustrations by Christoph Niemann

Creativity does not wait for anything but it is the overflow of ideas that popup in one’s mind observing even a tiny thing. An artist does it all with each one of its… Continue reading

5 Killer Ways to Rock Instagram for Business

Check out these 5 killer tips and let your imagination and creativity free. It’s in there somewhere, and as soon as you let it out, you will see a significant increase in your… Continue reading