How To Start A Blog When You Have Absolutely No Audience

So you have this great business idea, your mom likes it, your friends like it, and hey, a subset of people you don’t know even like it.

You’ve spread word about it through your network—and their networks—and have received a positive response. You’ve even conducted some market research and held focus groups. In other words, you’ve validated your idea.

From there, you’ve even taken the steps to put together a rag-tag founding team and a minimal viable product.

Now what?

At this point, as you work on your finalizing product and business strategy, you should be putting together a communications and marketing strategy that aligns with your overall goals. But who is the target audience you’re communicating to?

With today’s myriad of digital tools, resources, and communities, it’s easier than ever to find a target audience who wants what you’re providing… whether or not they know it yet.

One of the most sustainable ways to build and connect with this audience is through content, especially an owned blog. Take a look at how some of today’s most well-known startups—such as Groove, Buffer, and—built their original communities through blogging, and are now paving the way in content marketing.



Source: CoSchedule