How To Effectively Manage Negative Comments?

By performing information watch on topics related to web marketing, SEO and the e-reputation, came across a very interesting infographic on the ways to know to manage and respond to negative reviews posted on social networks against a product, a person, a brand or a company.

Here are tips to follow if you ever see negative comments or opinions issued against your image:

  1. Carefully read the message received. What is it about ? a complaint, a negative opinion from a competitor? What can you do ?
  2. Take a screenshot in case if a colleague gets the folder later, at least it will track
  3. Do not delete negative messages to show that you are transparent and that you have nothing to hide
  4. Take the (x) the message (s) released in less than an hour if possible. This therefore requires active restraint and constant watch on social networks
  5. Stay polite and cool! We tend to get excited seeing a negative review, but we must remain calm because left a comment from you on the web, is not read by the recipient, but the whole world!
  6. If it’s really a complaint because of a defective product, etc. send your response with a delivered solution (refund, replacement, etc.)

And do not forget to ensure your online reputation every day! You never know when is a negative opinion can be published.

Proofread before you post your comment. You must ask yourself if you are able / comfortable to say this to a customer in front of you.

Here infographics in question, made by Digital Grants:


Source: Autoveille